Reason For Fall Of Man In John Milton's Paradise Lost

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The role of knowing and the reason for fall of man in Paradise Lost
In Paradise Lost, a great epic English literature history, the author John Milton mainly discussed the fall of man, including Satan and his downfall in both Heaven and Hell. The passage is going to discuss the reason for the fall of man, and, more importantly, the role of knowing, or in other words the knowledge, in this process.
Milton intended to “assert the Eternal Providence, and justify the way of God to men” (Book 1, 25, 26) by the writing of Paradise Lost, which was showed at the start of the work. His purpose contains two imperative ideas: “the Eternal Providence” and “the way of God to men”. The main factor in the poem which promotes the plot is the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, which was forbidden by God to Adam and Eve, the two protagonists of the story. However, the antagonist Satan vigorously allured Eve to eat it. Eve rejected with great hesitation at first but at last still couldn’t resist the temptation and ate it, then Adam eating it for his love to Eve. That pivotal fruit, the symbol of the cognition of good and evil, can be seen as the Providence, which might be the vital factor of the fall of men.
The idea of great philosophy St. Augustine separates knowledge into two levels, the lower one is “sense knowledge” and the higher one is “contemplation knowledge”. The lower level means can be acquired by the senses of human, while the higher level is supersensible so human can’t acquire

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