Reason For Westward Expansion

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In the 1800s, America was expanded from “sea to shining sea”. The expansion was a responsibility of the presidents of the United States. More people came to America which caused farmland to be scarce and decrease. Settlers had to move west for more land and opportunity, which would have not been possible without the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Other than land and opportunity, there were many reasons someone would have chosen to move to the new land in the west.

Among all of the reasons westward expansion was necessary, the biggest was land and opportunity. “Various Native Americans tribes sign a treaty to cede most of what will become Iowa, Missouri, and Minnesota; Choctaws cede nearly 8 million acres in Mississippi in return for Oklahoma land.”(Chronology of the United States). This land was bought to increase the amount of farmland in America which would be used for agriculture.”Two territories are created: Michigan (July 1) and Louisiana-Missouri (March 3).”(The American Years). Two territories have been created on the other side of America where more people are not moving to. “Moses
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“Treaty of Greenville is signed with Northwest nation (July 22) bringing peace to that area-1814.”(The American Years) The land that has been bought is full of freedom for the people of it. “Some went to find land where they could start farms. Others went for riches. Still others went looking for a home where they could worship freely.”(A Primary Source History of Westward Expansion) Even though some of the main reasons to move west was for land and opportunity, people also moved west to find a place where they could worship the religion they practiced freely with peace. It was a good idea for Americans to expand westward to make room for more people moving to America in search of freedom of religion, riches, and land to farm
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