Reasoning Themes In Gary Forto's The Jacket By Gary Soto

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Ever had a bad wardrobe malfunction? Once students arrive in middle school, their appearance is one of the top priorities, and many are made fun of because of the clothes they wear, turning a good day bad. In "The Jacket", by Gary Soto, the main character has to deal with these events. After reading this story, it is evident that the universal truth, one’s clothes can affect how they feel, is the overarching theme for this short story. This is the theme of the text because it is supported by the symbolism, the conflicts, and the climax. First, the symbolism in "The Jacket" supports the overarching theme that the clothes one wears, affect how a person feels. In fact, the main character even tries to get rid of the jacket, throwing it over the fence to the alley. Soto says, “Later, however, I swiped the jacket off the ground and went inside to drape it across my lap and mope.” In this, Soto is saying that the main character will always have…show more content…
The main character has it implanted in his mind that he’s the talk of the school, of students, and teachers, and is tricking his emotions into making him feel bad because he knows the clothes he wears are bad. The author, Soto however, tries to explain that it is merely the boys thoughts of how much he hates the jacket that are messing with his mind. Soto says, “Although they didn’t say out loud, “Man, that’s ugly,” I heard the buzz-buzz of gossip, and even laughter that I knew was meant for me.” Soto is saying that the main character’s own thoughts are the main enemy that drives the main action in the story. Because of his thoughts, and his embarrassment, he becomes the reason his grades drop, the reason his friends abandon him. This helps to explain that people can be heavily affected by the type of clothes they wear, and supports the idea that most of this is just the characters tormenting thoughts of him being left behind because of his

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