Gun Control Laws Research Paper

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Since the LA shooting, many American's have cried, many Americans have prayed for the victims, but not many Americans realized what the causation of this and other 300 mass shootings is. People frequently ask themselves whether guns are really beneficial, and how are people able to buy so many guns at once. According to James Q Wilson, Gun Controls laws are vague and ineffective but the reason for this is fairly simple. I blame America ineffectiveness on America's second amendment. This law empowers any American citizen to possess a firearm thus, people who have psychological deficiencies can buy a gun as easy as you. This law does not only empower Americans as it causes the death of 30,000 people per year, and half of this substantial number…show more content…
As mentioned various times in the article, banning guns would be unpropitious. As guns are extremely accessible, anyone can have it. This is extremely disadvantageous to the robber, as in states like Texas, it is completely authorized to shoot and kill someone invading your property. I am strongly in favor with James when he mentions “ It's also important to note that guns play an important role in self-defense.” If the robber has conscious he can be severely damaged or attacked, the probability of him stealing or invading is smaller. The biggest issue of banning guns is not only this trivial aspect which I just mentioned, is the entire smuggling network there would be evolving guns. The police also state that robbers would create a huge black market selling people, drugs, and many other objects to eventually buy guns. After all this chaos is established, the government wouldn’t be able to do anything to avoid guns, as they will be all illegal, crime rate percentages would leap, and America's developed nation would slowly lose its…show more content…
Firstly, to possess a firearm you must not have been through jail, nevertheless, statistics prove that people that leave jail are more aggressive and prompt to return to crimes. A second clause would be added and it would state that all of those possessing any firearm should have a limited supply of ammunition, and a rigorous 2 months training to avoid any mental breakdowns and psychological flaws when using a firearm. Lastly, the FBI needs to posse a detailed biography including: a)Name b)Date of Birth c)Social Security Code d)Profession e)Criminal Record f)And the purpose of why buying a specific firearm. Throughout many decades, Americans have debated whether Gun Control is necessary. I believe that Gun Control is compulsory, and will benefit immensely the American Society economically, socially and politically. Therefore I propose this response as a solution. A solution to parents who are worried about their kids in schools, and people who believe that violence is not the
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