Reasons Against US Involvement In The Boxer Rebellion

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The Boxer Rebellion was an uprising that took place in 1898-1990 from the Chinese society against U.S Foreigners and as a result, the United States interfered and their interference was backed up with reasons and and resulted in many outcomes. Reasons that the United States was in favor to participate in the Boxer Rebellion included: The siege of the American Consulate in Beijing, the US was apart of the Eight Nation Alliance, and the United States believed war was a threat to its global trading empire, so they had to act or let everything fall. The U.S involvement was needed in the Boxer Rebellion for its strong, united military aid and resources. The U.S. involvement was necessary in the Boxer Rebellion for American wanted to keep control over the Philippines, they wanted to have a good presence …show more content…

Reasons against U.S. involvement in the Boxer Rebellion include: The US wanted the railroads, they were foreign Americans in China, and the foreigners were exploiting China for its resources and culture. U.S. intervention in the Boxer Rebellion was a problem because The US was able to play a significant role in suppressing

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