Three Reasons For Aircraft Accidents

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There are many reasons for the aircraft accidents. What are the reasons of aircraft accidents? According to statistics, 1131 people were killed in the last 50 years in Turkey because of aircraft accidents (AirSafe. (n.d). , 2015). Nowadays, the number of aircraft is increasing day by day so the risk of aircraft accidents is increasing. If we look for the reasons of accidents, we can see a reduction in the number of aircraft accidents and maybe we can decrease if we take some precautions. We need to inform people who made these mistakes. In this way, the deaths will reduce. However, there is less risk travelling on the aircraft compared to other transportation vehicles. I will mention three reasons of aircraft accidents in this essay. There are three reasons for aircraft accidents; pilot mistakes, mechanical problems, and weather conditions. First and the common one is the pilot mistakes. Pilots are also human so they can make some mistakes. Pilots sometimes make bad decisions and does not care their job. For example, one pilot which works at Flybe Airlines…show more content…
Engines, airfoils, and others parts of aircrafts are also building by people and those things can also include some mistake by time or poor quality equipment. For instance, there was an accident in Taiwan which happened because of engine shut down problem (Walker J., 2015). As officials said, the engine shut down manually but they could not find why the engine shut down manually. The pilot tried to restart the engines but to no avail. It means that during the flight 's final moments, neither engine had any thrust and as a result of that aircraft crashed. Another example for mechanical problem happened in Berlin in 1989 (May 27, 2015). A commission found a blocked elevator caused the accident. For information purposes, an airplane’s elevator, an airfoil hinged to the tail section, is used to make a plane go up and
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