Reasons For Early Jamestown

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Hundreds of colonist sailed to early Jamestown to create a new settlement. But they had quite a few things that they didn’t think all the way through while coming here. Most of their colonists died so they had to keep on bringing more to make the settlement bigger and stronger. The colonist mainly died from disease, starvation, and nature. One of the reasons that most colonist died was that they didn’t have enough food and water to survive. They had to dig wells to look for water. They had streams with fish but they only had an abundance of them in the Summer and Spring. They needed more food gatherers and hunters to have more success. Also Jamestown had gigantic drought while they were there and with not enough water, there aren’t going to be very many crops for the colonist to eat. When they brought new people, they brought some grain with them. When they saw the amount it was clear that the grain would help but they wouldn’t last the winter.…show more content…
One of the needs of all living things is homeostasis, which is stable living conditions, including the temperature of our bodies. Jamestown has hot and humid summers and cold and frigid winters so many colonists died due to the weather. Virginia also has mountains. With mountains comes avalanches. Large rocks could have fallen and killed some of the colonists. The colonists in Jamestown had rivers and creeks but they all had brackish water so they couldn’t use that as a water source due to the

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