Reasons For Failure Of Reconstruction

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Reconstruction was a difficult time after the Civil War. Readmitting the former confederate states to the Union is call Reconstruction(History Book). Reconstruction was supposed to bring the North and South together, but that didn't happen because of southerners. Many reasons contribute to the failure of Reconstruction. The South was most responsible for the failure of Reconstruction.

For example in the North president Johnson made it difficult for southerners to join the Union. He said they could not join the Union unless they admitted they lost the Civil War and that slavery is wrong(reconstruction video). This resulted with South disagreeing with the North. The South then had lack of involvement with the Union(Reconstruction video). “Between 1870 and 1876 all but three Southern states turned back Reconstruction efforts”(Reconstruction DBQ).This is just one reason the South caused the failure of Reconstruction.
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Black churches,public schools, and universities were founded(Reconstruction DBQ). While the North began to turn their attention to national concerns the Southern Democrats gained strength(Reconstruction DBQ). In the South blacks also began becoming politicians(Reconstruction DBQ). As a result the South did not help
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