Reason For Gender Discrimination Essay

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Reasons for Gender Discrimination

The argument is that in some parts of the globe, Globally, in this present age, women are taking the initiative to be upright, hardworking and at the same time proving their competence in their chosen careers. Despite their efforts at the workplace, most men appear to enjoy more opportunities in their numbers than women. Women appear to suffer discrimination in all aspects of life. This same discrimination has been taken to the workplace where women find it difficult to attain the zenith of their careers.

This paper examines what gender discrimination is, the nature of gender discrimination against women in the workplace and contribution of women to discrimination. The discussion is situated in cultural and patriarchal theories of gender discrimination. The paper suggests ways by
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Patriarchal perspectives believe that rules and authorities emanating from the father are responsible for discrimination. According to the perspective, men are seen to have social, political and economic power over women. Therefore, the women are expected to be seen as sex objects. In some traditional patriarchal societies like Nigeria, women are expected to stay at homes as wives and mothers, while in some cultures; they are expected to assist their husbands in performing economic duties like farming and trading activities. women are usually not favorably educated based on the assumption that they will end the career in their husband’s house. ). For instance, men have always been assigned more difficult task, like going to the farm, helping their fathers and so on while girls are usually subjected to house chores and not partake in any serious tasks. An assessment of this argument suggests that the problem of gender discrimination began from the family level based on the differential roles assigned to gender in all aspects of
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