Reasons For Imperialism In Africa

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During the 1800’s there was a race to claim the abundant resources in Africa and to force imperialism in the colonies. Before these European countries used the west coast of Africa for gold, slaves, and ivory they did not travel into the inside of Africa due to malaria and other tropical diseases until the 1800’s. So what exactly was the reason for European imperialism in Africa? The biggest reasons for imperialism in Africa are the vast and abundant resources available, nationalism, and the industrial revolution. National pride caused the need to expand their countries and become better than the other European countries. In the speech by John Ruskin, he says “make your country great again a royal throne of kings” encouraging the expansion and improvement of England. “She must found colonies as fast and as far as she is able” he again promotes the expansion of England into Africa and Imperialism of Africa. “Begin in a friendly competition to strive after them” this quote comes from Freidrich Fabri’s article Does Germany Need Colonies?, England was not the only European country promoting expansion and supporting the imperialism of Africa. European countries…show more content…
In the 1820’s they found a treatment for malaria allowing them to advance further into Africa. They also developed the electric telegraph making it possible to communicate fast over long distances. The Bessemer process helped make steel faster meaning more rails and bridges making transporting goods easier and faster. Two of the most important contributions of the industrial revolution are the Maxim machine gun and the repeating rifle allowing the killing of hundreds of thousands of Africans scaring them and forcing them to accept the rule of European countries. The industrial revolution allowed the African countries to have European imperialism forced upon
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