Reasons For Interpersonal Conflict

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Interpersonal conflict refers to the manifestation of incompatibility, disagreement, or difference between two or more interacting individuals. Interpersonal conflicts in organisations can originate because of difference in opinions of individuals and the lack of trust between them that would facilitate an open and healthy discussion about the same to reach a conclusion.
Reasons for Interpersonal Conflict
Interpersonal conflict can take place in organisational or personal relationships. The broad reasons for this in the two environments might be any of the following –
• Perceived difference and incompatibility among individual goals
• Inter-dependent individuals in various environments
• Lack of trust among individuals – people do not freely voice opinions because of the fear of unacceptance or of being ignored
There are specific reasons pertaining to the environment the conflict takes place in. These have been discussed below.
Organisational Environment – Conflicts in an organisation might rise because of conflict of ideas and expression among individuals in the organisation with a common mission but incompatible goals or approaches. Conflicts often rise among a coordinator and subordinators can be because of the over-demanding nature of the manager and extreme criticism delivered by him. Employees in this situation might not openly voice their concerns but indulge in surface acting which at some point of time will aggravate conflicts and the frustration might burst out
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