Reasons For Juvenile Delinquency

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csays that anomic situation develops in a society during that period when the society cannot provide clear norms to guide men’s aspirations. Therefore it is clear from this statement that the delinquent behavior among the children is a product of society. There are several risk factors introduced by psychologists, sociologist, and courts as a reason for juvenile delinquent. Some says that
2a minor who has lower knowledge and who does not receive proper education is more prone to become involved in delinquent conduct. There can be other risk factors like implusive behavior, uncontrolled aggression and inablility to delay gratification. In many instances there can be multiple individual risk factors that can be identified as contributions to juvenile as harmful, dangerous, destructive and illegal.
It is generally assumed that the core reason for juvenile delinquency is due to parenting, school and peer groups. While we talk of juvenile delinquency it is very important to look into the affects of media upon the children and how their behavior is shaped and guided by media. This is an period of technology and advance media where Children no longer go to bed listening to grandma’s stories or they no longer need to go out and play their games with friends. Most children begin watching television from a very young age. First they are exposed to the cartons and advertisements. Technology has provided every opportunity to explore their games and world in their hands. The mobile

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