Should Drinking Age Be Lowered In The Usa

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Why the drinking age should be lowered in the US The drinking age in the U.S should be lowered because there are many problems that have happened and are still happening in the United States. For example some of these problems are teen pregnancy, car accidents and underage drinking. These Scenarios are happening everywhere around the United States. They are all very dangerous because most teenagers start to drink at the ages of 16 and 17. People have debated about this before saying that teenagers are not mature enough to handle the alcohol consumption that most teenagers are drinking as of right now. Another reason for lowering the drinking age is because if the government were to lower the drinking age they would also have to lower the alcohol content in every drink that is related or contains alcohol.
The drinking age should be lowered is because statistics show that since Louisiana has lowered its drinking age it has had about 3,379 and in Kentucky there is about 4,529 so statistics say that there has been 1,150 more alcohol related crashes than in Kentucky. So since Louisiana has lowered its drinking age to 18 there have been fewer accidents than Kentucky where they haven’t lowered the drinking age and there has been
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Since drinking can lead to teen pregnancy then if you lower the drinking age teenagers wouldn 't drink because since they want to be rebellious and when you lower the drinking age they don 't want to break that rule so they won 't drink as much alcohol as they do today. Another reason is that studies show that there have been more abortions than there has been underage drinking. For example about 45.5 percent of teenagers have drank alcohol and gotten into accidents and 45 percent have gotten pregnant due to
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