Reasons For Marriage In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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Nowadays the society looks at marriage in a way were in order to get married, people must be in love. However, Jane Austen proves that marriage isn’t always based on love, it is sometimes also based on sustainability. In Jane’s story “Pride and Prejudice”, she describes may different situations on why people would get married to one another. Most of her points would be based on the persons wealth and reasons of shame. For example, Charlotte got married to Mr.Collins for the sake of security and financial stability. As for Lydia, she tide the knot due to shame and the sake of saving the families name. Moving on to Jane, she presents the stereotypical marriage of falling in love, and marrying for the sake of it. Nevertheless, Elizabeth’s relationship with Darcy presents a way more complicated path before marriage; they both go threw the true love track of getting to know each other before the romance kicked in. Overall, Jane Austen revolves around different female attitudes and reasons for marriage.

Out of all the different marriages in the story “Pride and Prejudice”, Lydia and Wikham’s has much to do with physical attraction and bribable situations. Mr. Wickham’s character is very manipulative and sly, while Lydia’s character is very loud and silly. Reading the novel, it is easy to notice that Wickham’s true desire money, which explains why he wanted to run away with Miss Darcy. However, when that did not work out, he met Lydia in Brighten. Their physical attraction,
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