Reasons For Migration

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Why Do People Migrate? Migration has greatly affected population growth and decay in different countries. But why do people migrate? People migrate because of push and pull factors. Push factors are reasons to leave a country. Pull factors are reasons to go to a certain country. Push and pull factors can be economic, cultural, or environmental. Typically they are economic, but cultural and environmental reasons are important too. People migrate from places that have few job opportunities to places with more available jobs. These are example of economic push and pull factors. A failing economy and few job opportunities are economic push factors. A successful economy with many more available job opportunities are economic pull factors. This is most commonly seen in migration to the US. Many people feel forced to leave their countries due to economic push factors and they see the US as a good place to go due to its successful economy. Cultural push and pull factors are also common reasons for migration. One of the most common examples of migration due to culture is slavery. Slavery was a form of forced migration that resulted in the shipment of many Africans to North America. In the twentieth century people were forced to migrate for cultural reasons other than slavery. Political instability as a result of cultural diversity created segregation and forced many people to migrate. The third reason for migration is environmental push and pull factors. Environmental pull factors

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