Reasons For The British Empire

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Why did the British win first prize in the race for a global empire?
The British Empire started its reign in 1496 and lasted for over 450 years. The British Empire, when at the peak of its glory, had almost 20% of the world population under itself in the form of distant colonies all over the world ruled by England. The following are the various reasons for the British being in the list of the most successful empires and also winning first prize in building a global empire:
England was way too behind in the race for colonisation in comparison to the Dutch, the French, the Spain and the Portugal. All of them lacked access to important trade routes to Asia, America etc. but the others except England were always involved in kind of a war-like situation which would take a toll on the population and wealth of those kingdoms. England being an island had an upper hand over the others as it kept away from foreign invasions. Initially, it was ruled by the Romans. When the Romans left due to Barbarian attacks, England was left in turmoil of political and military instability. The locals were highly determined and they found a kingdom of their own. They did not wait for any other ruler to advantage of the power vacuum. This was the beginning of massive British Empire.
The Britain was seen as a failure at that time. It was deprived of resources, labour, wealth etc. They couldn’t produce items of value on their land. They had to remain dependent on other Asian and American countries for

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