Reasons For The Compromise Of 1850

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1. During the 1850s, slavery was one of the leading controversial issues for government leaders and citizens of America at that time. After President Taylor attempted to avoid the controversial issue all together, the Senate continued to its debate for slavery, which led to one of the great dramas of America’s politics—the Compromise of 1850. Under this compromise, were eight proposals created by Henry Clay, which included major actions including admitting California as a free state by allowing a series of various other resolutions. By proposing these resolutions, it would eventually resolve the issue of slavery in the western territories, seven months later in which it was written. The tensions of the issue eventually began to …show more content…

One of the key reasons was because of Lincoln’s presidential victory during the election of 1860. Once Lincoln seized victory over Douglas, South Carolina viewed it as a final sign to abandon the Union. To display their resistance towards the newly elected president’s efforts, the entire state delegation resigned on seceded on the same year. News began to spread quickly about the disseverment of the Union. In less than two months after South Carolina’s succession, seven states of the lower South—South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, and, Louisiana—had seceded. Although Lincoln’s attempted to satisfy the southerners by guaranteeing the right to practice slaver y where it existed, it wasn’t enough for them. Two months after the Lincoln was elected, the Civil War began against the South’s eleven Confederate …show more content…

During the Civil War, both the North and South had several advantages over each other. One advantage the North had over the South was their large population. Because of the North’s large population in allowed the Union to outnumber and outstand the South in major fights, as they could suffer from more casualties than the South could withstand. Another leverage the North had over the South was an industrial advantage. Since the North produced 97 percent of the firearms and had a crucial military asset with their advanced naval ships, it allowed them to easily access the center of the Confederacy through the Mississippi River. However, the South also had its advantages over the North also. Although the Confederacy were vastly out populated by more than a 13 million people, the soldiers of the Davis’ army were more experienced and more confident than those of the North’s. The defensive war not only allowed them to have more knowledge of their territory, but also enabled them to create more efficient military strategies based on the geography of their

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