Reasons For The Death Of Friar Lawrence In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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The tale of Romeo and Juliet ends with the death of the two lovers. But there is a reason behind their passing. Friar Lawrence, a priest in Verona, had a big part of the play, and may be the reason for Romeo and Juliet to lay still forever in their graves. The friar was the one that devised the plan to fake Juliet’s death, but ran away in cowardice when he was afraid. Friar Lawrence was depended on by Romeo and Juliet with their secrets even though he was the only adult trusted in this situation other than the nurse. Friar Lawrence made rash decisions without thinking of a back-up plan. Friar Lawrence is to blame for their death. The friar was the mastermind behind the plan to let Juliet run away with Romeo, and did not consider how faulted it was. He had given Juliet, who was begging for help, a small vial containing the liquid that would fake Juliet’s death. When the time had come, he depended too much on Friar John, and Romeo received the wrong news. Romeo had thought that Juliet was dead and went back to Verona with a bottle of poison to kill himself. Quickly, Friar Lawrence ran to stop him, only to find Romeo dead and Juliet waking up. When Juliet saw Romeo dead on the floor she stabbed herself and died as well. …show more content…

He should have been more careful when telling Friar John to deliver the letter. Friar John was innocent and did not recognize the importance of the letter when it wasn’t delivered. This was because of Friar Lawrence’s ignorance to inform him. He should of took matters into his own hands with a job this important. This ignorance also occurs by him with Romeo and Juliet. Friar Lawrence was to blame is because he was an adult, and shouldn’t have put that much reliance on the two teenagers to not cause trouble. He should have known thought about the consequences that would occur if his plan had

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