Reasons For The Decline Of Feudalism

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The Decline of Feudalism equals to Absolute Monarchy
The decline of Feudalism is the less dominant social system in medieval Europe. Feudalism was based on splitting land by the king and nobles. Nobles are essentially middle-men that are between peasants and royals. Nobles provide work, land, and protection for peasants while funding supplies and military service for the king. There are three main reasons for the decline of feudalism, Magna Charta, the Bubonic plague and Model Parliament. England had a terrible king named John he was liar and a person who never kept his word. Since he was king he always expected to get everything that he wanted or just lie to get it. Also king John promises meant nothing he would do anything if there was money involved, he didn 't even care for the church. The archbishop is the senior leader of the church, he decided to do something about King John. The archbishop called all the nobles of England together and read them the law about what they could do. They didn’t do anything until shortly without taking the nobles opinion king John raised the taxes. The nobles were angry because they knew this was against the law of England. The nobles went to King John. The King promised he would never do this again. But after a short time has passed king John raised the taxes again. He had two nobles arrested because they refused to pay. The rest of the nobles were angry so they gathered a huge force of nobles together at the town of Runnymede and
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