Reasons For The Ending Of The Locket

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The ending of "The Locket" was surprising. The Locket is about Edmond and Octavie, lovers who become separated because of the war. Edmond went off to fight while Octavie stayed home. Octavie loved Edmond very deeply. Her love was shown by her actions. The reasons that the ending of the locket was surprising are: the priest took a locket off a dead soldier who he believed was Edmond, when the priest sent the locket to Octavie it seemed to confirm that he was dead, and the ride with Judge Pilliar seemed to be an afternoon with a friend. The priest sent the locket back to Octavie. Even though this was an act of kindness on his part, it was really upsetting to her. It meant that her loving Edmond was probably dead. She never entertained the thought of being with someone else. Before Edmond left for the war, she gave him the locket. In the locket were pictures of her mother and father. It was her prized possession and she gave it to Edmond hoping it would be a good luck charm. Edmond would open the locket whenever he was back from the battlefield. Edmond loved Octavie as much as she loved him. During one particular night, just before a battle, some of the men in Edmond 's company asked him about the locket. The soldiers close to Edmond wanted to see the locket. There was one soldier who stayed in the background and didn 't want to see it. The next day the men went…show more content…
The ride with Judge Pilliar holds suspense. One beautiful spring day, Judge Pilliar, a close friend and neighbor of Octavie called on her to take a morning ride. She went with him wearing her black veil and dress which she wore in remembrance of Edmond. As they approached the judge 's house, he said to her to remove the veil. As they continued on the lane to his house he said, “Miracles may happen, sometimes heaven will give us back our dead.” At first she didn’t understand but Edmond was waiting for her at the house. Edmond was not dead after all. The young soldier who was wearing the locket had stolen

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