Reasons For The Missouri Compromise

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Slavery, just the word makes some people cringe. That single word reminds people of America 's deep, dark history. The nation that was divided into two, the war fought over it, all of the innocent lives lost. Slavery was not a good thing in America, but we have learned from our past mistakes. America will never fall that low into a place that cruel ever again. Slaves were brought into the colonies in 1619, but slavery didn 't end until many years later, in 1865. In 1662 though, slavery became hereditary in Virginia, meaning that slaves ' children had to be enslaved also. Many colonies also passed laws that made it illegal to teach slaves to read and write. To me, I think that this is one of the saddest parts of slavery. Slaves already had…show more content…
This compromise caused loads of controversy because the Southern senators believed that the territories should be able to decide for themselves if they should allow slavery or not, like the original 13 states. The Southern senators thought the compromise was unconstitutional. On the other hand, the Northern senators argued that Congress actually had the right to say ban slavery in new states. I understand why the Missouri Compromise was created, but I believe that the compromise made the situation worse. To me it was unconstitutional of Congress to deny new states the right to decide if they should allow slavery or not. When John Quincy Adams said that the Missouri Compromise was a,”title page to a great tragic volume,” he was exactly…show more content…
Frederick Douglass showed many people the true horror of slavery through his book, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. Douglass, who was a former slave himself, talked about how he rarely got to see his mother, and never got to meet his father because they were split up. Red Scott was a slave who had lived in free states and slave states. When his master died he said he was free because he lived in a free territory. The case went all the way up to the Supreme court, where it was decided that slaves weren 't citizens, therefore, Scott had no right to use the court system, and he was returned to his master 's widow. John Brown was a n extreme abolitionist who attacked a federal arsenal and tried to acquire weapons to give to slaves for a revolt. Brown 's plan did not succeed, and he was arrested and hung. Although 2 of the 3 mean failed, they were all supremely courageous I what they did or tried to do, even if it wasn 't in the best way. They gave up everything to do the right thing. Hopefully one day I can be as courageous as
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