Reasons In Frankenstein's Monster Is Not Human?

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I would not be surprise how Victor 's creation had caused him so much stress and depression ever since Victor had created the creature, which then led up to his death. According to Gris Grimly 's Frankenstein, the creature had devoted himself to follow his creator, to cause him pain and suffering, he had done this to show Victor how he feels because he had read Victor 's notes saying how Victor felt about his creation, and the creature was not to ecstatic about reading that. Besides that, I believe Victor Frankenstein 's creature is not human, because of many reasons.

Adding on, here are a few reasons why I believe Victor 's creature is not human. When Victor was on his death bed he had said, "he is eloquent and persuasive; and once his words had even power over my heart: but trust him not. (180) In this warning Victor was telling Walton, his friend, to not trust the creature even though how persuasive he is, because how the creature tricked Victor he may be able to trick Walton as well. Nevertheless, another way to show that Victor 's creature is inhuman, it is how he is prone to snap. For example, it shows when the creature is having a conversation with a blind old man, his son walks
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On the other hand, I disagree with people saying Frankenstein 's creature is human because, yes of course, I understand that he is very reasonable and coordinated about vocally speaking to others, but besides that, look at his looks. Eight feet tall is not a usual height for a person, and his bone structure, you can see both bone and skin tissue, sticking out of his body. Adding on, Victor 's creature is not human, because the creature has no parents, siblings, or relatives what so ever, another thought is that the creature was not even born, he was created in a lab, instead of seeing him as human, see him as a scientific nightmare. I think that Victor 's creature is not human, referring to the text he was created eight feet tall, like who is born, eight feet tall that
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