Reasons Of Television: The Most Of People Watching Television

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The majority of people watch television. There is a lot of reasons why people watch television for example some people watch it for entertainment, some to get the news and catch up on what’s happening in the world, and some watch it to waste time. A lot of adults watch to see the news and so they can be up to date with the world. Some other mid aged people watch the television for entertainment for example when they come back exhausted from work and have no energy to go out they can watch TV to have fun. children and teenager watch TV to waste time because teenagers and children have a lot of spare time rather than getting a job or doing their homework they watch TV to let time pass by. There are three reasons why television is not becoming obsolete. First the TV world is expanding and second TV’s are a lot cheaper than before and lastly some people have a lot of spare time.

A lot of people say that the TV will be vanished for once and for all. A majority of people say that the TV will be become obsolete because now days there a lot of entertainment rather staying at home and watching a screen. Other types of entertainment are social media. Many social applications for example as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are becoming a source of attraction for people. People would rather use their phones for hours contacting their friends and watching silly videos rather than watching TV. Television also might be extinct as mobile phones, tablets and computers are taking the role
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