Reasons To Fund NASA Essay

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Before exploring the reasons as to why the U.S government should fund NASA, it is first necessary to observe what percentage of people think that NASA’s budget should be raised and why they do so. According to Thompson (2013), “76 percent of Americans agree that NASA’s budget should be increased to 1 percent of the total federal budget to fund initiatives, including a mission to Mars” (p.1). There are two reasons behind supporting the funding of NASA. Firstly, the main reason as to why people support space activities is curiosity. Curiosity has made man explore regions that have never been explored. Without funds NASA cannot develop new technology and without technology researchers and scientists would not be able to explain a discovery that they made with existing technology. For example, without the invention of the Mars Rover, scientists would not have been able to discover water on Mars. This example alone leaves people questioning space and it attributes such as planets, galaxies and even aliens. This curiosity leads to the second reason as to why people support space activities. The idea of travelling to space is one of the driving factors for people to support funding of space exploration. Most people hope that maybe someday travelling to space for a vacation or living on a different planet would be possible. This brings us to another issue. As the world faces issues like climate change and overpopulation, it is becoming difficult to accommodate all the inhabitants of the earth due to lack of space and natural resources. It is therefore crucial for governments to help resolve this issue. Funding of space exploration could help us solve this problem by developing new technology that could perhaps replicate the earth’s atmospheric conditions on a different planet. This way peoples dream of one day living on a different planet could become a reality.
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