How To Restrict Immigration Essay

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In the U.S we have been facing problems with immigration and there is only one solution it is to restrict it. One reason restricting immigration will work is it will open up better jobs and make better healthcare. If America does this it will make better schools because there will be less and the schools will be more advanced. Another reason we need to restrict immigration is our country is almost starting to decline because we are over polluted and it the future it could bring down Americas standard of living. Some people may argue that opening ourselves to the world will the solve the problem but they are wrong because it could possibly lead to invasion. In conclusion, the best immigration solution is to restrict immigration. One impact…show more content…
Many of the immigrants that come to America are from Mexico and other countries in South America but, there is some that come from allies such as North Korea. If the North Korea government could construct a plan to make an attack and we did not know, they could easily get into the U.S if we were to open ourselves to the world. Other people also agree such as the quote, “the forces of economic change have left millions of Americans struggling to keep up.”(Option 4). This quote supports the idea because it is saying that if we let even more people in more Americans will be losing jobs and our society will go down. Another quote such as this also supports the idea, “At a time when our country is trimming back social services for our own citizens, we can hardly afford to keep the door open every year to roughly one million newcomers from poor nations.” In other words, we are letting in too many people already and anymore will shoot down social services for citizens who need it. This is why, people are wrong who say opening ourselves to the world is the best solution to

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