Reasons To The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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The American Dream is a little different for everyone but that is everyone’s goal in life to reach their American Dream. In The Great Gatsby, most of the characters wants to reach their American Dreams. But not all succeed in the process of obtaining it why is this what was stopping some of the characters from reaching the goals? Also the characters in this novel prove that they are hollow and don 't think about others and only look after themselves In The Great Gatsby why do the characters feel like its is in there best interest to only look out for themselves and not the others in The Great Gatsby? The American Dream for most people, is an unreachable dream, but everyone wants to reach it. For the most part, it is the thing that keeps them going in life and it was a motivator for the character’s lives in the novel. The American Dream for the middle class people in this story was to be in a happily married, live in the suburbs with a dog, two kids, and to have a white picket fence. For the middle class, their dream was simply nothing too complex, but what about…show more content…
The Upper class people are hollow and don 't have an American dream to try and reach in life we know this now but the question is why. The first Question is why don 't the wealthy people in The Great Gatsby don’t have a American dream that they can try and achieve? The Answer is because they have all the money they could ever want. Ever dream that they have or had they already achieved it because of the money that they were born with. The next Question is why are the wealthy people in the book hollow why don 't they have feelings for others? The answer is simple, it 's because of the money and how they live. The people in the upper class live to where if you are not born into the money like they were than they don’t care about you. They look down upon the people who had to work to get money, to them if you had to work to get money than you are inferior to them. It all ties back in with
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