Reasons To Vaccinate Children Essay

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Five Reasons to Vaccinate Your Children Are you willing to put your children at risk? Vaccinating children has been a hot debate in social media and the news for some time. There are many that oppose vaccinations for reasons such as the chemicals that are the vaccinations, but vaccinating your children is the safest and most effective way to prevent children from life threatening diseases. 1. Vaccinations can save a child's life Dr. Heidi Renner a primary care physician at Loyola University Health System says, “Though no one likes to get shots, vaccines are an integral part of keeping kids and our community safe. They work to safeguard children from illnesses and death caused by infectious diseases and protect our kids by helping prepare…show more content…
There is no link between vaccines and autism. In 2011 an Institute of Medicine(IOM) held a study on eight vaccines given to children and concluded that vaccinations are safe. A 2013 CDC study added to the research, to prove that vaccines do not cause autism. The study was looking at the antigens,the substances that cause the body to produce fighting antibodies, in the vaccines. They concluded that the total number of antigens were the same between a child who had autism and a child who did not. Vaccines do not cause a child to have autism. 5. Vaccinations protect our future Vaccinations protect future generations by stopping the spread of diseases. They have reduced and some have even eliminated diseases that have killed or severely disabled people. Getting vaccinated now will prevent children from getting diseases and will prevent them from passing on diseases to their children. Getting vaccinated will save lots of lives. Vaccinating children is the smartest and safest approach to make sure children are healthy. Why would you want to put your children at risk of catching a disease when it is easily preventable. Vaccines are effective, and are the only way to have peace of mind that your child will be protected in the world around them. Vaccinate, vaccinate,
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