Reasons Why Abortion Is Wrong

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Breanna Ramirez Mr.Pantoja, Mrs.Ryglicki English 4 11 May 2016 Abortion: Is it Right or Wrong? How would you feel if someone wanted take your life? Imagine the feeling of having a mother that does not want you even before you are born. In 1821 Connecticut was the first state to pass the abortion law in the United States. Out of all pregnancies 4 in 10 babies are aborted. There are roughly 57 million unborn children that are killed in the U.S. alone. That is about 155 babies per hour and around 1 every 24 seconds. Some may disagree, but abortion is wrong for these reasons it is murder and murder is illegal, years after the abortion they will regret having the abortion and the woman may end up psychologically harmed. The first reason why it is wrong is it is murder because you are killing a living human maybe its not born yet but it is still alive. Kyle Waltman states in the article “ Pro-Life: Abortion Controversy, “Scientists and doctors have used their imperfect judgements to establish the thresholds that vary by state between legally aborting a fetus and illegally murdering a baby in such a way that the murdering of a pregnant woman results in a trial for two separate counts for murder...” In other words, it is ok for a mother to kill her baby that is not born yet and does not get trial but if the woman also gets killed illegally he get trial and goes to jail. This shows that is is the same action being done except with the woman also being murdered.. In addition, in a

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