Reasons Why Babies Should Stay At Home

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Although, most daycares wont accept newborn babies until at least six weeks of age. Mothers should stay at home with their children until at least two years of age. Babies need to be with their mothers and not around other children until they have completed the nurturing stage with their parents. When a newborn baby is placed into childcare too early they suffer emotionally and experience higher detachment issues from their mothers compared to children who are cared for at home. In addition, babies that are in daycare experience illnesses more frequently than babies that stay at home because they 've had a sufficient chance to build stronger immune systems.

Construct one original deductive argument and address the following:
Identify the conclusion and the supporting reasons within the argument.
Using 75–100 words, offer an explanation or justification for why the argument is a deductive argument.
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It is a known fact that college graduates usually earn more than a regular high school graduate so in an effort to be successful it just makes for one to obtain a college degree. According to a U.S. News and an article published by Danielle Kurtzleben, it is a confirmed fact that People with college degrees have a far easier time finding a job than those without a degree. Among 25 to 32 year-olds with a college degree, the jobless rate as of March 2013 was 3.8 percent. At 8.1 percent, the rate was more than twice as high for those with a two-year degree or some college, and it was more than three times as high for those with only a high school diploma at 12.2

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