Reasons Why Cell Phones Should Be Allowed In School

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Reasons Why Cell Phones Could Be Beneficial In Schools
Have you ever been in a situation in your classroom when you wanted to use your phone if it was to listen to music or you needed to research more than just the text you have been given? Even if some students may abuse this privilege and schools don’t believe in having them in the classroom, students should be able to use their cellphones in class because it could potentially save money for the school, help students feel more relaxed in the classroom and, be beneficial for students who have medical issues. My first point for why we should be able to use our cell phones in class is that it could potentially save the school thousands of dollars. Instead of schools having to buy laptops for everyone they could just buy 10 per class compared to 35 and spend money on something more beneficial, and have the students bring in their own devices. Alpena Public Schools alone spends thousands of dollars alone on technology, if students were allowed to use their cell phone in class and do their work on there they could only have to buy a few chromebook carts compared to all of the ones we have for each team now. Yes, some students could abuse this privilege but you could have the school block social media networks off the WiFi or just
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Also, our children or students face many predators while at school or off the campus, children kidnappers are on the rise, so it is a must for schools to allow cell phones in schools. Maybe to reduce the distraction caused by these gadgets, teachers can simply regulate the time of using of cell phones in school. Cell phones can be used by students to report any emergency; students can contact their parents if the school has closed because of a natural disaster or any other abrupt
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