Reasons Why Christopher Columbus Is A Villain

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Why Columbus is a Villain Columbus is the basic definition of evil since he ended up achieving all of his goals. Which were introducing new foods and animals to the Western World and bringing gold, but he only managed to obtain this through the most crude way possible. To bring further notice to his wickedness Columbus should be considered a villain because of his involvement in killing off all the natives and how he thinks of them as mindless slaves that are here on this earth to make their lives easier. To commence, Christopher Columbus should be considered a villain because of his involvement in killing off all the natives. It is not a case of whether or not he was murdering a malevolent tribe, it is a dilemma that was caused when he fooled the natives into thinking he was a friend and that he was here to give them guidance. This was such a problem because when they started to see his awful side, they had no idea one simple matter could have triggered him and cause them to lose body parts. A source that well represents this is Lowen’s 1493 which states, "Spaniards hunted Indians for sport and…show more content…
Apparently, life was described as “nasty brutish and short with no written language and no division of labor.” Observing that, he decided to change all of this and teach the indigenous the ideas and the achievements of all the great thinkers and bring undreamed-of benefits. Even though Columbus did help them progress further than they were going to get, what is the point if because of his actions all the natives died and can not progress for another thousand years anyways. If he really was looking for the best for the natives and everyone one in this world he would have made sure they had a good way to fight disease and a better system in handling the natives that would not result in the female natives to want to kill there
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