Reasons Why Doctors Make Mistakes

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Why doctors make mistakes The reasons doctors make mistakes is such a controversial topic, All humans make mistakes but why are doctors being asked when they do? The reason doctors are questioned is because their mistakes have some much bigger consequences than laymans’. It 's people who work in life-oriented professions whom their actions have a broader impact. Another reason that explains asking such question is how doctors are perceived by the society, our angle of view put a huge pressure on their shoulders, as they 're seen as a machines aren 't allowed to make mistakes. While the truth is different. First and for most doctors are humans and all humans do mistakes. We need to admit that culture of medicine is in urgent need of reformation. from day one medical student study with the aim of being perfect, and becoming infallible. lets take Dr. Jerome Groopman, for instance. dr. Groopman is a Harvard graduate; he narrate his first encounter with an emergency case in the very first day of his intern year. although he was a bright student, he was taken unawares by his patient sudden twitching while he was talking to him. he didn’t know what to do with a suffering patient, he froze in his tracks as his mind went blank. it was until a senior doctor showed up by coincidence to take control of the man in distress. he mistook as he stood there without asking for help. but his error was duo to lack of experience. Generally, the most majority of pitfalls happens during the intern
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