Reasons Why Football Should Be Banned

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Should football be banned because of injuries if Football was banned there would a lot of said players of football and fans.People are trying to ban football because of to many injuries.While football is a contact sport contact means injures what critics say jut supporters say New helmet technology is being made to stop head injuries,If football was banned many jobs would be lost like trainers and coaches and the players themself American football is too dangerous, and it should be abolished)

Supporters state that football should not be banned . Critics state football should be banned because too many injuries .
Key issues this this debate include: football will lose many jobs, and Money will be lost

To begin When it comes to Football will lose many jobs supporters of ( football should be banned) believe Say that they should be able to find a job easy..

[1-2 sentences of supporting details from sources-]
(Rollason, Will. "We Are Playing Football: Seeing the Game on )People who say football should be banned state that finding a new job shouldn’t be that hard because they went to college.(Rollason, Will. "We Are Playing Football: Seeing the Game on )
[Analysis or in your own words explain how/why these details support the topic sentence-] People who say foot should be banned think since the coach players and trainers already have some sort of education.

Supporters of Banning football believe that the people who would lose their jobs is easy to get back because
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