Reasons Why Huckleberry Finn Should Be Banned

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After reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn I could not understand people 's argument on banning this story that had gone way past it 's time showing the friendship between a black man and a white boy, which was almost unimaginable at the time in many people 's minds, and exposing the worst parts of humanity, showing that we don 't live in a picture-perfect world. While doing some research, however, I had found that most arguments against letting Huck Finn were because of the conspicuous and repetitive use of the n-word, as well as the extreme racial theme that is played out throughout the course of the novel. It all made sense to me then. As always America is again trying to cover up their insightful, but very real history, in hopes that it will be forgotten so that they can go on to be recognized as the…show more content…
Instead we should learn from our ancestors mistakes, and try to learn from this vile past, so in the end we don 't go back and make the same mistakes other 's have made. Other than the racist bits, in the novel we also get to see an entirely different view of the early 1800 's. For me personally, I 've always thought of the 1800 's as a romantic era of big, extravagant balls, massive estates, and mothers trying to marry off their daughters, so, basically, my only real knowledge of the time period was based on Pride and Prejudice. In Twain 's novel, however, we get to experience an entirely different and less ideal side of that period, by showing it through the eyes of the lowest of the low; Huck who 's essentially an outcast in his own world. Through Huck, we got to see how different the social patterns were compared to today 's. One thing that I noted is that people seemed to be much more trusting of another back then, even when it came to dealing with strangers. Today, it seems that everybody is pretty quick at locking their doors whenever someone unexpected comes to their door, but in Huck 's world stranger 's were welcomed into their homes no
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