Reasons Why Juvenile Should Be Tried As An Adult

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Should juvenile be charged as Adult? In the year 1994 a total of 497 juveniles were arrested. Now a days you hear about young kids doing adult crimes and not being charged as an adult because they are just kids. But really, some kids know from right to wrong. From example a young boy named Lionel Tate, who was 12 years at the time his crime was that he beat up a six year girl to death. He was charged as an adult and charged as first degree murder. Now a days young children cannot be charged as an adult because the court ruled a law on June 25, 2012 that no children under the age of 18 cannot be charged as an adult. So it 's okay for a child at the age of 14 to kill their parents and not be charged or for a 13 year boy to beat their father to death? So these kids were charged as adults, but that 's been because the court didn´t ruled the law until 2012 that they can’t be tried as an adult. We should be doing more than that they should be tried as an adult because they are killing innocent people and that others are saying that they are kids, but really most kids who kill someone knew what they were doing that they have thought about killing people. Some of the reasons why they should be tried as an adult is because here in America itself a problem cause everyone can get a weapon so easily and kids are very curious, so they just grab the weapon thinking it 's a toy and can just kill someone. Like in the article “On Punishment and Teen Killers” by Jennifer Jenkins, it’s
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