Reasons Why Middle School Should Start Later In The Day

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Middle School Should Start Later in the Day Are you tired of waking up early in the morning for school? If middle school started later in the day many kids can get sleep. More kids can get to school on time. When it starts later in the day it will save up to $40 million per year. Kids can get a lot more sleep at night. Absences can drop 15% because many kids get more sleep. Kids will not fall asleep in class because they got more sleep. Kids can not get distracted, and kids won’t have to wake up early in the morning. Less kids will miss school because some kids will miss school when they don’t get enough sleep, and kids will be able to get a little more than 8 hours sleep so they won’t face slew problems, and kids can get to school on time. Kids can pay attention in class. Kids can focus, and get better grades. …show more content…

Many kids that attend sports will miss classes so they can play sports. Kids could miss important work and classes to play sports. They could miss important tests. However kids will not get enough sleep if school starts early in the day. These are all the reasons why middle school should start later in the

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