Reasons Why Odysseus Is A Hero

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Some think Odysseus is a hero for many reasons, mainly because he helps many people including his family and his crew. Even when terrible things happen to him and his crew he perseveres and continues on his journey home. Even though Odysseus and his men do bad things like eating the sun god’s cattle there still are many reasons why he is a hero. One reason to support my claim is that he saves his crew many times. One example is when they sailed by the Sirens. If Odysseus hadn’t told them told them to plug their ears they probably would have ended up like all the other sailors. Another time was when Circe turned his men into pigs Odysseus, with the help of Hermes, ended up saving his men and they were no longer pigs. To help Odysseus Hermes…show more content…
Like when so many things such as Circe’s Island or the Land of the Lotus Eaters. He could have chosen to give up by eating the Lotus flower or just stay at Circe’s island with Circe and her servants, but instead he focuses and continues on his journey home. Another example is when the suitors try to marry Penelope Odysseus gets there in time to stop her from marrying someone else by shooting an arrow through the axes. After that Odysseus reveals himself and then kills all of the suitors. Many people may think that he shouldn’t have killed the suitors, but he was just doing it to protect his family. There are people who think Odysseus is a hero then there are those who hate him and think he’s a bad guy. One of their strongest claims may be that he cheats on his wife with Circe. But back then it was very common for a man to sleep with someone other than his wife,even though the women weren’t allowed to do it. That may be their biggest claim but they should know that it wasn’t uncommon back then. So they shouldn’t say Odysseus is a bad guy just for doing that one thing, they should consider all the good things he did before they say he’s a bad

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