Cause And Effect Essay About Love And Hate

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Happiness, sadness and nervousness, all of these are emotions that every single person will feel the experience during his or her life, everyone experienced love and hate in their heart. Hate is an acquired feeling and not a genetic. People are never born with hate, but they learned it by the environment that surrounds them, by the outside world. But why do people hate? What is are the reasons that drives them to hate, why would someone want to have that kind of gloomy bad intention about someone, because that would turn people to be more violence, after all, violence can led to death in some causes. One of the common thing that make people hate other parson is jealousy. Jealousy is an ugly monster with a red eyes that seek slowly into our heart and grow by the suspicion. I can write five pages and more stories about jealousy, it is really common feeling that lead to a disaster if no one stops it. A husband may feel jealous about his wife talking to other man without having a thought of cheating with a pure heart, that would lead the wife to want a divorce because the husband will start to lose faith in her when she did not do anything wrong. Furthermore, other behaviors that would lead to hate certain people, is that some people put others in…show more content…
The words that will be written here is not enough to talk about staring. It is common to stare in many places, shops, school, and even universities. Boys stare to girls body that make her feel unconvertable, boys stare to boys to pick up a fight which sometimes lead to one of the boys dead and the other goes to jail and families for both of the boys grow a hate between them. Thirds, girls stare at boys, to flirt with them but sometimes boys really do not like it and think that with girl is not well mannered. The big problem is here when girls stare at girls, both will hate each other for no reason just because of staring, it is not about they dislike what they are wearing it’s just
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