Reasons Why Should Books Be Banned

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Why are Books Being Banned? There are multiple books around the world being banned. One reason books should not be banned is because books can teach a lesson. Another reason is that every book is written and published for a reason, if the publisher did not think the book was worth something or could have taught something, they would not have taken the time to publish it. Also that books can be encouraging and inspirational. Some people believe books should not banned in schools/libraries because every book can teach a lesson. One reason books should not be banned is because books can teach a lesson. Books can teach a lesson by, “As soon as Jonas was assigned as Giver he didn’t realize the responsibility.” (The Giver). That getting a huge role in your life may mean that you are receiving more or bigger responsibilities. It shows that with him getting the role of the Giver he had more responsibilities, and with him learning his responsibilities he had to read more to learn more about them. If he would not have had books he would not have been able to read about his new responsibilities as the Giver. This quote connects because he has to be able to read to be the Giver and take the responsibilities of running the city. Do not end your life over something that can be fixed… “Hannah realized there were thirteen reasons why she wanted to end her life.” (Thirteen Reasons Why). This is important because it proves that you should not end your life over someone or something. That
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