Reasons Why Students Cheat

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Students go through different challenges everyday. Some have the resiliency to adapt and overcome but some do not. Stresses from peer pressure, bullying. Expectations and even family problems can easily affect the behavior and decision making of a student. A good example of a bad decision is cheating. Once caught a student can easily be the benefit of the doubt, especially when the student is committing such an act are actually good students. Instead, they should be given a chance or have teachers find the root of the problem before punishing or labeling someone as a bad student. When students are caught cheating, they need to be given extra credit or a make up test to prove that they are capable of staying in certain class. According to my research, many students cheat for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons may be because students, especially college students, are very stressed out. Many students are emotionally affected when it comes to their studies because of family issues. Students may also be depressed because they have been ostracized and bullied. If students are just given a chance to improve their grades then they can accept that challenge, proving teachers that they are capable of enough to work harder. Many of the reasons of why students cheat can be helped, but it will be deficient when the problem is depression or family issues. Instead, the students need to put extra effort into their work , and must learn not to cheat again. Giving extra credit or
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