Persuasive Essay: Should Students Get Good Grades?

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Students all over the country would love to get paid, but some studies have shown that students will do better at school if they get paid for getting good grades. Bad effects is that one year the school pays you for good grades, then the next year you don't get paid. Reasons kids (students) don’t get paid is because kids might cheat on test or commit crimes to get good grades. The students would not learn for fun because there desire to learn is gone because they only want to learn is for the money. One other thing is that students should be satisfied with their good grades but now all the students care about is the money. The following year that they go to school and they don't get paid there grades will go down because the students are not…show more content…
“Students who receive money for good grades will in long run have lower academic performances.” and also “ Students who are motivated by their own desire to learn.” This means that kids would not want to learn because it’s fun and they want to learn because they are getting paid.” The effect on this is that kids no longer have the desire to learn and that will affect them to do work on the long run. what this is all saying is that kids will no longer be motivated to learn and it will not help them in the…show more content…
From the NF article “Many teachers also say paying students for good grades creates conflict with students and teachers getting money.” This means that students will be bragging about how much money they get about getting good grades. This also means that teachers will be having problems with the kids. The effect on this is that kids will not get along because the other student will be bragging about how much money they got, and the other student might of not gotten as much money. In addition paying students affects the student and teachers relationships. This shows that paying kids (students) is a bad
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