Reasons Why Students Should Not Wear Uniform

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Students/kids all over the world do to school that requires to wear school uniform. Other When kids go to school in uniform they form a lack of expression on how they look because they are required school uniform. Some major reasons students should not wear uniform is because lack of expression, cost and comfort concerns. One of the biggest reasons is big bullies. These reasons are why kids should not wear uniform. And So form kids wearing uniform to having free dress uniform should not be required for lack of communication. One reason students from all ages should not wear uniform is lack of expression. by Marian Wilde said... “when a student was sent to detention for wearing socks adorned with the image of winnie the pooh’s friend tigger, the girls family sued the school district for violated her freedom of speech.” This means that kids don 't have a say when they go to school because they have school uniform. The effect on this is that kids will either want to come to school. Another reason is because students will be nervous for school everyday. That why students should not wear uniform. In conclusion uniforms is a bad idea. Another reason students should not wear uniform is because students parents might struggle for paying for uniform and and the kids might feel uncomfortable wearing uniform. From by Matt Rauscher... “Children outgrow uniforms quickly, and their uniforms may often get stained or torn. Replacement costs begin to add
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