Reasons Why The Death Penalty Is Wrong

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There are many factors that plays into the reasons why the death penalty is wrong and no one deserves it. No matter how heinous the crime(s) was. One major factor that plays a role in the death penalty is, racial discrimination or being poor. African Americans are at a higher risk of the death penalty than any other minority. There are more white prosecutors in death penalty states, than any other minority. Majority of these states have conflicts when it comes to African Americans and other minorities other than whites. (Death Penalty Information Center: Race and the Death Penalty) Other minorities also receives this punishment as well, people are still being killed for crime(s). Being poor also contributes to the death penalty because if the defendant, can not afford a proper lawyer, then the defendant is fighting against a corrupted system. That’s when plea bargains come into play because if not careful, than the defendant can play right into the system`s hands even if innocent. Innocence is another reason why people who are convicted of heinous crimes don’t deserve the death penalty. Many people spend years on death row, who are innocent before finally being released. ( Innocence…show more content…
As states across the country strive to abolish the death penalty some states are still holding on. Which means that they will find any reason to keep or allow the death penalty to occur and happen. States are killing to hamper the pain of the victim(s)` families, and execution only extends a chain of violence. It`s sad to say that violence is the solution to violence, which it is not. Revenge is a substitute for pay back, it 's a human emotion to hurt someone that hurts someone else or loved one(s). It does most times gives the victims` families closure and feeling of justice. As crazy as it sounds in some cases the victim(s)’ families does not want execution just simple jail time, but the states want
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