Reasons Why Zoos Should Be Banned

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Zoos Should Be Banned Imagine you are five years old, someone breaks into your home, kills your aunt and possibly your older brother in the process of kidnapping you. You are separated from your loved ones, leaving your mother in severe pain and grief. You are taken somewhere unknown, imprisoned in a cell where people come watch you for their entertainment, when you want to be home and free. This is exactly how animals held captive in zoos and aquariums feel. Zoos generally hold a variety of animals for public display, also known as “zoological parks.” On the other hand, aquariums and marine mammal parks also known as “sea-parks,” hold fish and amphibians. These parks that exhibit animals are inhumane and barbaric. Vulnerable creatures are being abused daily and few seem to care about this issue because it is an issue in which animals cannot advocate for themselves. Zoos and sea-parks should be banned and closed for good because they force animals to live in tiny enclosures, which consequently leads to abnormal behavior in most animals. As a matter of fact, zoos and sea-parks do not serve as conservation and education as they solemnly swear they do. Instead they are used for entertainment purposes, exploiting animals for profit. Zoos and sea-parks are keeping animals captive in enclosures that do not substitute their real life habitats. “Most zoos do not begin to replicate the lush jungles, vast savannahs, and dense forests where animals belong (An Idea).” While living

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