Reb Saunders Novel Analysis

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Reuven is very annoyed that Reb Saunders is not allowing his son to talk to him. He really misses Danny. Being forced to be in the same room with Danny, but not being allowed to talk to him, makes Reuven very frustrated. The silence is ugly, because it forces Danny and Reuven to be near each other and think bad things about each other, but it doesn’t allow them to talk. Because Reuven and Danny can’t talk, Reuven can’t be 100% convinced that Danny’s feelings about their friendship hadn’t changed. The silence is leered because it’s mean-spirited, even though Danny and Reuven don’t dislike each other. The fact that Danny won’t acknowledge Reuven makes Reuven very hurt, and Reuven begins to wish that Danny Saunders would go to hell. The silence
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