Rebecca Jennings Character Analysis

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Ever since the feisty assistant district attorney, Rebecca Jennings, entered the Cedar Cove landscape near the end of the show’s second season, I was captivated by the actress who breathed life into her. While I often found myself rolling my eyes disdainfully at the audacious Miss Jennings and once in while yelling out in frustration at her antics, the way in which the actress Cindy Busby depicted her added coveted drama and offbeat humor to the story. Furthermore, when she roomed with two other girls during season three, she was typically the prominent one due to her characteristic pessimism, her workaholic tendencies, and her pragmatic articulation.

Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with Cindy, and she granted me an especially
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We can be positive or negative. The way I view things, there is no good or bad; it just is. And so I choose to view everything positively.

Cedar Cove fans were so sad to hear of the cancellation of Cedar Cove. If you could write the rest of your character’s storyline, how would you finish it?

The really great thing about television is that you have time to explore the character. In playing Rebecca Jennings, I got to develop a three-dimensional character, and without any judgment on my part, get inside her head so that I could explain why she behaved the way she did.

If there had been a fourth season, I would have liked for Rebecca to create a team with Paul (Colin Ferguson) and Olivia (Andie MacDowell) to take on the town. I can only hope that Rebecca would be have been more balanced and maybe eventually become the D.A.

If there had been another season, I also would have liked to have explored her softer side a little bit more. I really wanted her to fall in love. Colin and I got along really well last season, and we had a standing joke about our characters. In the beginning, both Paul and Rebecca fight like crazy, but we both tended to stop and wonder--why are these characters not together? It seemed like they should fall for each
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