Rebecca Lee Crumpler: Changing The Face Of Medicine

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During a time of racism and segregation Rebecca Lee Crumpler doubted many people by becoming one of the first African American woman physician. Her journey to become a physician was challenging as she was doubted, had no support from her peers but she was determined to prove people wrong. At a young age, Crumpler faced many doubters, as many black females either became slaves or housewives; she followed her aunt’s footsteps and began to study medicine. During her time in medical school she was faced with many challenges by her follow peers, racism and hypercritical attitudes from her peers made her determined to look pass their judgment and pursue her dream of becoming a doctor, “the prejudice that prevented African Americans from pursuing careers in medicine to become the first African American woman in the United States to earn an M.D. degree" ("Changing the Face of Medicine | Rebecca Lee Crumpler."). She faced challenges head on and did not fail to prove people wrong, "It was a significant achievement at the time because she was in the first generation of women of color to break into medical school, fight racism and sexism" (Gray).…show more content…
Crumpled was raised by her aunt in Pennsylvania who was her role model. Crumpler’s aunt provided care for the ill and helped many black people in need, during a time of slavery. Crumpler made her way to Massachusetts as she attended New England Female Medical College in Boston, as a student she was working as a nurse to help the local population. After graduation in 1864, Crumpler spent some time publishing a book of her called “A Book of Medicinal Discourses in Two Parts”. With her nurturing character, she was determined to be great and her actions prove that she was a hero of her time, after nearly 200 years since her death; she remains an influence to others to follow in her
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