Rebecca Nurse Case Analysis

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In Defense of Rebecca Nurse Your Majesties, Judge Corwin and Judge Hathorne, our defendant Rebecca Nurse, a highly respected member of the Salem community, has been wrongly accused of practicing witchcraft. We believe that these profound accusations against, the honest and trustworthy, Rebecca Nurse were fabricated by those who are trying to cause harm to the Nurse family. This accusation of practicing witchcraft is serious and is not to be taken lightly. A warrant for the arrest of Rebecca Nurse was issued on March 24, 1692 (Salem Witch Trials Notable Persons). This warrant was issued due to the Putnams accusation that our defendant practices witchcraft. We believe that the Putnams falsely accused Goody Nurse of witchcraft because of…show more content…
This hard work made it possible for the couple to reside on a large farm near the Putnams. The Putnams and the Nurses are known to have had land disputes in the past few years and because of this, we believe that the Putnams are trying to ruin the reputation of and get revenge on the Nurses by manufacturing false accusations of witchcraft on Goody Nurse. In the Putnam’s eyes, the use of the accusation of witchcraft as a way to rid the family of Rebecca would be a simple solution to their problems. Goody Nurse was accused by Ann Putnam Sr. and her daughter Ann Putnam Jr., and some of the Putnam family friends and relatives for sending out her spirit and tormenting them (The Trial of Rebecca Nurse). The accusations against Goody Nurse only became prevailing in court, because of the sheer amount of people testifying against her. The number of people testifying made it seem as if Goody Nurse was more likely to be a witch, but this is not true because the witnesses are untrustworthy and biased against the Nurse family. The witnesses moved their bodies in court the same way Goody Nurse was moving her body to make it seem like Goody Nurse sent out her spirit to control (Lewis). This made it look like Goody Nurse is a witch, but we believe that the Putnams and their friends were doing this as a ruse so that Goody Nurse could be convicted when in reality she is not guilty. These actions by the…show more content…
Goody Nurse insists on remaining loyal to her beliefs. (The Trial of Rebecca Nurse). This shows how passionate she is about her faith. As a genuine Christian woman, our defendant, Goody Nurse, refuses to lie, even if it is to save her life. The Lord is our source for all things, and it is quite apparent that Goody Nurse has found favor with the Lord. It is a blessing from God to have given birth to 8 healthy children and to live on such a nice piece of farmland. The Lord, himself, works through this court and you judges. We are certain Rebecca’s faith will overpower the evil being done by the
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