Rebecca Nurse's Role In The Crucible

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The Crucible: Salem Witch Trials: Rebecca Nurse
Close your eyes and picture a lovely old lady, snuggling her grandchildren, baking pies, running around taking her granddaughter to dance recitals and her little, macho man to flag football. Then, each and every night falling down on her knees and praying to our Lord above, to protect those grandbabies of hers and for them to grow in His word. This woman is there for every widow of the community, loving them through their loss. She is at every church benefit and every town meeting. This woman stands on the corner of Main Street each day seeking out someone new to talk to about Jesus Christ, and the salvation he gives to each and every person. Now, see this woman as Rebecca Nurse.
Mrs. Rebecca Nurse would never, ever commit witchcraft. Have you ever seen her be unkind or act in a harmful manner to any living creature? Next to God, this woman is the one we should be looking to for counsel and help in this twisted time that we are currently living in.
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They know that they can control all of you because they know you pure followers of God would want to throw any sign of the devil out of this town. They are very smart. Stand with them if you may, we won’t be the ones judging you, God will. Abigail Williams is still holding dominion over this embarrassment of a courthouse. Why? Rebecca Nurse will not confess to this witchery, because she is a righteous woman in which she has morals in that she will not collapse to all this dishonesty. The dishonesty roots have been traced, and followed. The roots are placed right at the feet of Abigail Williams. Not these beloved people of our town that have been pulverized because of her so called good deeds. You all may be thinking you are ridding the town of evildoers, but in the end you are just giving young Abigail Williams, what she has schemed for all
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