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Imagine it was your birthday. You talk to your father on the phone in the morning, and that was the last time you ever spoke to him. Good morning/afternoon, Malcom Turnbull, parliamentarians and distinguished guests. I believe that Rebecca Poulson is the best person to win the Australian of the year award. On Rebecca’s 33rd birthday her brother in-law murdered her father, niece and nephew. This was after she had already been though a violent relationship of her own and an attempted suicide. Also, her brother committing suicide days before her 23rd birthday. Rebecca has overcome those evens and now speaks out about Family Violence. I am pleased to be here to nominate Rebecca Poulson for the Australian of the Year Award 2018.
Rebecca Poulson is a true Australian, born on the 15th September 1970. She grew up in Sydney NSW. After what happened in September 2003, Rebecca knew that the systems that were in place to protect her family failed and there had to be something done about it. In July 2005 when at the coronial inquest at Westmead
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After Rebecca’s Father and niece and nephew were murdered she chose to do something about it. From her loss she has made changes to the laws about domestic and family violence and she prompted change in schools, so children are more aware of what domestic and family violence is. Rebecca made change in how the police officers deal with breaks of the AVO. Rebecca Poulson’s confidence and bravery to stand up for what she thinks is right has made change to the way people are looked after when dealing with Family and domestic violence. She is motivated to inspire other people and make people more aware of domestic and family violence. Rebecca Poulson is a good example of how someone has turned a tragedy into something that inspires others to stand up against domestic and family violence and this is why she should get the Australian of the Year

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